Julian Tepper

Published in The Washington Post on July 9, 2017

Julian Tepper

JULIAN TEPPER (Age 76) Celebrated attorney, passed
away on June 26, 2017 as result of complications following
a car accident. He lived in West Palm Beach, Florida,
and was laid to rest in Ofakim, Israel.

He is survived by five children from two marriages, Aryeh
(John), Gregory, Robert, Taylor and Callie; five
grandchildren, Micha'el, Dani'el, Miriam, Yael and Luke;
and many close friends. He also leaves his dog, Toby.

Tepper's daughter, Jayne, died in 1973, and his son, James, died in 1975. Tepper was
married and divorced from Myrna Statland and Deborah Hanzlik.

Tepper was born in Washington, DC, attended
Woodrow Wilson High School (1958) and
received a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Maryland. He graduated
Columbia Law School in 1965. Later, Tepper attended Cambridge University and received
an advanced degree in Criminology, Prisons and Deviant Behavior.

He returned to the United States in 1968. In the early 1970s, Tepper was the Executive
Director for DC Neighborhood Legal Services Program and the Director of the NLADA
National Law Office. He handled law reform issues in the areas of prisons and mental
retardation; served as negotiator at the Attica prison and DC Jail takeovers; ended sordid
practices at the "Clockwork Orange" prison (the Patuxent Institution for Defective
Delinquents); achieved a contested constitutional right to an education suited to the needs of
retarded and otherwise handicapped children; and brought a successful practices and
conditions case against Willowbrook on Staten Island.

From 1974 - 2008 he worked as an attorney in the private sector. From 2004 -2007 Tepper
hosted his own radio program, The Tepper Show (Talk Back to the News), on WTNT - AM
Radio. The program provided a platform for Tepper's independent mind, witty conversational
style and abundant sense of humor. He performed services for Jerry Walz and Associates in
connection with major litigation until 2014.

Tepper was an avid reader, a lover of music, a sports enthusiast, especially for his
Washington, DC teams, and he was particularly proud of having coached all of his children's
soccer teams. From '68 - 71, Tepper was a trial attorney for the United States Department of
Justice where he handled School Desegregation and Employment and Union Discrimination
cases. Major cases were the Indianapolis school desegregation case, the Roadway trucking
employment discrimination case, and statewide school desegregation cases in Florida and