J. Thomas Borsari

J. Thomas Borsari

Some men were born to sit in commuter traffic. Tom was destined to ride horseback, fish
clear mountain lakes and work in Kern River Valley surrounded by beautiful mountains and
among wonderful people. At 5 p.m. on Good Friday, March 30, 2018, J. Thomas Borsari
(Tom) made his transition to the Spirit world at age 74, after a long illness. Tom Recently
retired from 30+ years of practicing law in estate planning and administration in Kern River
Valley and lived on his ranch in Walker Basin, County of Kern.

Tom was born in Washington, D.C. to George and Sara Borsari, the second of five children.
After graduating for
Wilson in 1961, Tom attended Virginia Tech on a basketball scholarship.
He drew a low draft number and upon his return from active duty in Vietnam, he obtained his
law degree from Southwestern University with the help of the GI Bill. Tom had many serial
interest starting with flying and golf, and as he achieved master class, he would move on to
something else. Bass fishing morphed into fly fishing and his last 10 summers were spent at
Crowley Lake.

Except for cowboying! He never maxed out on that! Tom learned to work cattle from Weldon
Sharr in Havila, and the rest is history. He acquired savvy horses and Tate, an Australian
Kelpie who did the work of three cowboys and never tried. Tom was a charter member of the
Cowboy Lawyers Assoc. (belt buckle #13) which now boasts over 250 members nationwide.
In the 1980's, Tom was on the leading edge of rural renaissance and numerous friends and
acquaintances followed his lead to Walker Basin or started ranches in Leona & Kelso
Valleys, Montana, and elsewhere. At the end of the day, he was always about safety, both for
himself and his stock. Tom's first marriage ended in divorce.

He is survived by Dana Adams, his wife of 30+ years.

Tom was supported in his law practice by Office Manger Linda Waggoner for more than 30
years. Tom's sense of levity and imagination were bottomless! While president of Kern Valley
Exchange Club, Tom introduced the Rubber Ducky Race which now is the most profitable
annual fundraiser in the community, going on 20+ years.

Tom was predeceased by his sister Jane O'Leary, and is survived by his brothers Bob, John
and Jim, all of Washington, D.C., and numerous nieces & nephews & clients & friends.

Tom will be buried with military honors at Bakersfield National Cemetery at 10:45 a.m. on
Thursday, April 5, 2018.