Donald Foster

Donald Foster    wwhs 1965

The world lost a good man yesterday.  Donald Foster, went home to God after a three-year
battle with cancer.

Don embodied what it means to be selfless. He was the guy on the block who looked in on
elderly, sick and dying neighbors, shoveling the snow from their porches and making sure they
had groceries. He was the guy who put a lot of thought into even the smallest of gifts, hitting a
homerun more often than not because he was so in tune with what was important to others. He
was the guy who served on every church committee, getting to functions early to help set up,
staying late to help break down, and volunteering to drive elderly parishoners to and from
church when the need frequently arose. In short, he was one of those rare men who put other
people’s needs above his own - constantly, without hesitation and without drawing attention to

Nowhere was this more apparant than his military service. Don was a Vietnam veteran who
was awarded multiple Bronze Stars for bravery in combat, along with a Purple Heart for the
injury that nearly killed him and left him with a lifelong disability. You’d have never known it
though. His modesty was such that he never spoke of his sacrifices and achievements unless
prompted; and then only reluctantly.

Don died as he lived. Though he was in considerable pain and discomfort towards the end, he
was quiet, uncomplaining, and selflessly still concerned about the needs of those around him.
If there is indeed grace to be found in suffering, he embodied it.

You were a good man, Don Foster. You made the world a better place for a lot of people. You
were a great example to me on how to live one’s life. I thank you for that and for so many other
things. I’ll miss you, sir. Rest in peace.