Ronald T. Brent

Thank you everyone for all your concern, prayers and well wishes for Ronnie...they mean
more than words can say right now...

He was diagnosed on December 30th with having Stage 4 cancer after many x-rays and ct-
scans because of pain he was experiencing in his leg and hip when walking. Surgery was
performed on January 2nd to implant a rod in his leg to help strengthen the bone and he
came home.

After a fall at home on the 19th of January, he was once again admitted to the hospital on
the 20th, where he underwent radiation treatments. The radiation treatments, however, took
their toll on him as well and left him weak and still in pain.

When it became apparent that the cancer was very aggressive, we began making plans to
have him come home where he could be comfortable, but the cancer won out and this was
not to be.

And now, it is with a very, very sad heart, that I pass on the news of his passing last night
surrounded by family.

Once again, thank you all very much for all the prayers and words of encouragement!!! They
mean more to me than you could possibly know, and while I may not be active for a while as
I begin putting things in order again, please know that I have seen them all and love you all
for them!!

The family is helping me to plan a Celebration of Life for him and as soon as we finalize
everything I will post the information.

May I ask, if you have any pictures of him you could share with me and his family that you
PM me with them or email them to me at: ����