John Edward Gross
Published: The Washington Times – D.C. Wed. July 7, 1920)

John Edward Gross 1920

  Tech High will miss Johnny Gross track Captain for the next two years. The youngster who has
made athletic history for the McKinley High teams for the past four years has graduated. Just
where he intends going to college is not known.

Gross on his high school performances, is a marvel of endurance. Without special training or
preparation he was able to win consistantly. It is doubtful if any other high school track athlete in
the history of the meets here ever made such a record. As a member of Tech’s track team over
a four-year stretch, Gross was beaten in but one race in which he entered. That was in the half
mile race in 1916, when he ran second to Monroe Sheehan. In that race Gross forced Sheehan
to set a new record.

Gross has won sixteen gold medals during his high school career. He won every mile and half
mile race entered, finishing up his career by breaking the high school mile record in going the
distance in 5:45:0. previous to this he ran the winning mile at Tome in 4:42:0
McKinley High 1920