William Charles Dunning

My Dad was William Charles "Rusty" DUNNING, born August 15th 1928, March 9,

He worked 3 jobs as well as attending School from the age of 8 years old.

My Grandpa was hit and killed by a trolley car in 1937.

I did My Dad's Memoirs and he said "Eastern" taught me the application of Education
to the real World, not just facts, and grades  Upon Graduation, Dad served in World
War 2 and the last 6 months as an Army M.P, and 2 tours in Korea.

He attended George Washington University as an Older Student ,was President of Phi
Kappa Alpha Fraternity. A Member of The Gate and Key Club. He attained Masters in
History, Government and Foreign Affairs, and Castellian Spanish.

He started at CALTEX Petroleum as A Junior Marketing in Training, and ended up
Vice President in Charge of South Africa and The Philippines .Counting among his
friends Nelson Mandela and Chief Buthelezi of The Zulu Tribe.

Eastern High 1946  (77)
William Charles Dunning